Club Vosgien – Conservation and Green Tourism in Alsace Lorraine

The Club Vosgien was created in 1872 for the development and conservation of Alsace-Lorraine’s Haut-Rhine and Vosges Mountains. Until its creation, these regions were virtually uncharted and unfamiliar areas for outdoor activities and natural tourism. Hiking routes, even those close to the villages, were unmarked and undeveloped; mountain trails were inconvenient and hazardous; rest stops for weary hikers were nonexistent and historic castles and fortresses were crumbling. As the state did little to protect and develop the region, the Club Vosgien was established when Alsace and Lorraine came together to create this private entity. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Club Vosgien’s mission focuses on the protection, development and expansion of scenic routes in the region; the promotion of walking and hiking, the preparation of guides and maps and other publications for the conservation of nature in the area. Since the late 19th century, the organization has been responsible for the study, layout and demarcation of the region’s hiking trails. To this end, the Club Vosgien has established and maintains over 16,500 km of well-marked, well-lit paths, graded by colored symbols for difficulty. These trails expose visitors to nature and provide access to outstanding scenery. The extensive and coherent network of trails covers the Ballons de Vosges National Park and the surrounding area.

The uniform markage and lighting of these routes is so good that it is virtually impossible to get lost. The trails aim to promote the discovery of natural and rural landscapes by developing practical hiking continuity and the conservation of rural roads. Currently, the Club is working on digitalization of these hiking routes.

Beyond the maintenance and development of trails, the Club Vosgien produces the “Circuits Pedestres” guidebook, which recommends graded walks with detailed maps and guides. The association ensures the promotion and development of walking tourism for all levels through the many hiking trips, family outings, trekking and cultural excursions it offers. This veritable institution attempts to reconcile the differences which arise between conservationism and the deterioration of the natural environment due to economic development. It educates towards the cultural value of green tourism, and the protection of nature through its various publications and activities.

Today, the Club Vosgien has developed into a regional federation, divided into seven departments with over 113 local associations and over 34,000 members, all focused on the conservation, protection and development of green tourism in Alsace-Lorraine.

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